45 Degree CNC Cutting Center for Aluminum Doors and Windows
                    • 45 Degree CNC Cutting Center for Aluminum Doors and Windows
                    • 45 Degree CNC Cutting Center for Aluminum Doors and Windows


                    45 Degree CNC Cutting Center for Aluminum Doors and Windows

                    Chassis brand: JMD
                    Cutting angle: 45 Degree
                    Cutting section: 125mm*150mm(WxH)

                    1.Specially designed to automatically cut aluminum window profiles at 45degree, with high efficiency.
                    2.Cutting stroke can be adjustable according to profile’s size to improve the cutting efficiency.
                    3.The manipulator speed is CNC controlled. The control system can save the profiles’ data.
                    4.Equipped with Schneider CNC system and optimization software for windows.
                    5.Minimize the waste of aluminum profile, saving costs.
                    6.Pulse blowback chip collector, recovers the cutting chips with low noise
                    7.The insolation transformer make it very safe to use the machine
                    8.Blade-driven motor: SEIMEC
                    9.CNC system: Schneider
                    10.Low-voltage electric components: Schneider
                    11.Pneumatic components: AirTAC
                    12.Cables & wires: YiChu
                    13.Gear & rack: YYC
                    14.Linear guide rail: HIWIN
                    15.Guide screw: TBI
                    16.Blade: KANEFUSA

                    Aluminium Profile Cutting Machine, CNC Cutting Center, CNC Cutting Machine For Metal & Wood, CNC Profile Cutting & Machining Center

                    CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is a type of technology that creates products through subtractive manufacturing. Put simply, CNC is a large and diverse family of machines that are mostly controlled by a computer program to perform tasks that otherwise would have been done manually. Another common feature of all CNC machines is that they can move their tools in at least two different directions. The directions are called axes and the more of those a machine has, the more complicated it is. There are three possible linear axes: X, Y and Z, and three additional rotary axes: A, B and C.

                    What is CNC Cutting Center?

                    45 Degree aluminum profile cutting machine for aluminum doors and windows

                    Power supply


                    Total power


                    Working air pressure


                    Blade specification


                    Cutting angle


                    Cutting length


                    Cutting range

                    150mm x 125mm(H?x W)

                    Cutting length tolerance


                    Cutting angle tolerance


                    Repeat position accuracy


                    Cutting surface roughness


                    Cutting surface flatness


                    Air consumption


                    Feeding speed


                    Discharge speed


                    Blade-driven motor rotating speed


                    Blade feeding speed




                    Total weight


                    Overall size

                    13.2m x 3.8m x 2.1m(L?x?W?x?H)

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