45 Degree Cutting Center


                    Aluminum Cutting Center


                    1. Fixed cutting angle 45degree ensures high efficiency and stability.

                    2. Cutting stroke can be adjustable according to profile’s size to improve the cutting efficiency.

                    3. The manipulator speed is CNC controlled. The control system can save the profiles’ data.

                    4. Schneider CNC system and industrial PC ensure the machine stably run in harsh environment for long time.

                    5. The structure of machine is welded with high-quality steel and is age-processed, ensure the manipulator works with high precision, high speed and high stability.

                    6. Minimize the waste of aluminum profile, saving costs: every cutting saves 5~10mm of aluminum profile

                    7. Eery cutting takes 10~13seconds. So it can cut 2200~2600pcs of segments within 8hours.

                    8. Equipped with isolation transformer, ensure the stable running under unstable power supply

                    9. Compared with double miter saw, the cutting center can cut down the labor costs, requirements of operator’s skills and error rate

                    Videos: 45 degree Cutting Center

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