Arbitrary Angle Cutting Center LJG1-CNC-500X6500

                    Products: Arbitrary Angle Cutting Center LJG1-CNC-500X6500

                    Arbitrary Angle Cutting Center


                    Description: Aluminium window machine, Aluminium window making machine, Aluminium profile processing machinery


                    LJG1-CNC-500X6500 is a new generation of CNC cutting center developed by JMD Company. It is mainly designed to cut thermal break aluminum doors and window profiles such as frames, sashes and mullions. It can also be used to cut some industrial aluminum profiles. The cutting host is equipped with a single saw blade which rotates left and right alternately to complete the profile cutting. The saw blade is controlled by the cam roller rotating platform mechanism which is driven by the servo motor . The saw blade cutting lifting mechanism adopts a 45°sawing swing arm structure.


                    The machine supports the batch cutting of frame, sash, mullion or fly screen frame profiles; it can also support mixed cuts of multiple profiles (frame, sash, mullion or fly screen frame profiles). Cutting mode can be 45° cutting at both ends of profiles, 90° cutting at both ends of profiles or one end 45° cutting and the other end 90° cutting. To cut some industrial aluminum profiles, cutting angle can be arbitrary between±45° at both ends.


                    The online printing and labeling mechanism will print the label and automatically paste it on the profile surface after the profile is cut which makes it convenient to do the profile classification and data management in the later production.


                    The cutting center must have window and door design software for data support. The software needs to supplies the data of cutting length and cutting angle to the machine for transmission positioning and angle positioning.

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