CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
                    • CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
                      • CNC Corner Cleaning Machine


                    CNC Corner Cleaning Machine

                    Chassis brand: JMD
                    Profile Height:30mm~120mm
                    Profile Width:20mm~120mm

                    1. Two axis computer control system.
                    2. Imported servo motor drive system, computer control system, solenoid valve,??air source disposer and so on, ensure reliable performance and long using life.
                    3. Horizontal inward clamping system ensures the precision of the corner cleaning.
                    4. Clean outside vertical surface, up/bottom welding seam and seal rubber groove part, and also can process the lock slot of lift sash for American profile once time.
                    5. Can store many programs for various profile processing.
                    6. Circular interpolation and line interpolation function to ensure the good cleaning result.
                    7.Can customize different knives according to different profile section for meeting different clean requirement.

                    Air Pressure


                    Air Consumption


                    Input Voltage

                    380V 50Hz

                    Input Power


                    Main Cutter Revolution


                    Profile Height


                    Profile Width


                    Overall Dimension




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