19 May, 2023

                    During May 9 to 11 2023, JMD took part in the 10th DCDE EXPO in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.



                    LJZX4-6500 Aluminum Machining Center was shown at the exhibition and impressed the audiences. It is consisted with 5 main parts: automatic loading device, 4-axis milling unit, multiple angle cutting unit, unloading device and aluminum chip collector. It can be used to process aluminum jamb, mullion and sash with function of cutting, hole drilling and milling at 4 sides of the extrusion. Except the end milling of mullions, the machine can finish all the machining processes of aluminum window extrusions.


                    Main advantages of this aluminum making machines are:

                    1. High efficiency: Only takes 40~55seconds to finish 1piece of window part

                    2. High accuracy: cutting length tolerance ±0.01mm/m; cutting angle tolerance ±0.1°

                    3. Easy operation: Only few buttons to be operated, no special skills needed to operate it

                    4. Low labor costs: only need 1 operator

                    5. Low energy consumption: around 7kW/h

                    6. Automatic label device


                    Main parameter of LJZX4-6500:

                    A. Maximum length of raw material applied to: 6500mm

                    B. Maximum section size of extrusion applied to: 150mm*150mm

                    C. Area for loading the machine: 16m*5m

                    D. Power supply: 380V 3Phase 50Hz


                    Performance on site of the exhibition booth



                    Please check the video of LJZX4-6500 to learn more details:


                    Besides of LJZX4-6500, JMD has many other automatic aluminum window machines optional.

                    Feel free to share your ideas about aluminum window production and we will recommend you the most suitable solution.

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