Lock Hole Processing Machine
                    • Lock Hole Processing Machine
                      • Lock Hole Processing Machine


                    Lock Hole Processing Machine

                    Chassis brand: JMD
                    Copy cutter diameter: Φ5, Φ8
                    Copy Milling Range: 90×290(mm)

                    1. Formed by three-hole drill part (horizontal direction) and copy milling part (vertical direction).
                    2. the height of three-hole drilling can be adjusted easily.
                    3. three-hole drill designed behind and operated easily.
                    4. adopt vertical axis to ensure the parallel precision of the three-hole drill.
                    5. adopt hydro-pneumatic actuator cylinder?feeding to save labor.
                    6. easy adjustment of the processing position.

                    Operation Air Pressure


                    Air Consumption


                    Input Voltage

                    380 50Hz

                    Main-Shaft Revolution


                    Input Power

                    1.1 (kW)),0.75(kW)

                    Three-hole Cutter Diameter


                    Copy cutter diameter

                    Φ5, Φ8

                    Copy Milling Range


                    Overall Dimension

                    3150 x 1020 x 1600 mm

                    Machine Weight


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